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FSU Govt Campaign Manifesto – Group Polane, Manly-Spain & Galieva


To outline how the FSU will aid its constituency and represent the interests of Worldwide UN Personnel Performing in UN Industry Functions that fall under the Department of Peace Operations and also the Division of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs.


Safeguarding and selling the situations of provider for Global Civil Servants Performing in UN Peacekeeping, Exclusive political and another industry Procedure underneath the Office of Peace Functions along with the Section of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, anchored while in the values and obligations in the UN Charter and also the Universal Declaration of Human Legal rights.

Fostering a weather of inclusion, transparency and collaboration.
Doing work in partnership with essential stakeholders.
Creating on existing abilities and mandates.
Remaining straightforward, truthful and just.

Deepening the FSU’s inside capacities to comprehend, organize, mobilize and meaningfully have interaction its constituency.
Professionalizing the functions in the FSU.
Growing being familiar with, advocacy and dialogue involving all stakeholders.
Supporting conversation, collaboration, and productive partnerships that do the job toward mutually agreeable answers.
Shepherding significant Trade of Suggestions, and genuine conflict resolution.

The United Nations is at a point of reform and alter. The reform initiatives that are now being executed are bold. The character of work as we know it is transforming, as well as the corresponding workforce is also shifting. With alter will come several uncertainties, but much more than that, the opportunity to improved the best way things are accomplished and potentially to Enhance the way the UN operates.

One of the cornerstones of the current reform is definitely the delegation of authority and decentralization of selection earning. This experiment just isn't new, as a little something equivalent was tried out in the 90’s. For workers who have been around prolonged more than enough, they are going to remember that the effects were much from great and occasionally fairly disastrous. This time, we're instructed it will be various due to the fact there'll be a transparent framework of accountability and powerful oversight mechanisms will be in place.

The FSU is in prime place to help these reforms in also overseeing the framework of accountability and oversight. As candidates for that FSU Government, we welcome these initiatives and wish to see them thrive. We recognize however that there will be difficulties ahead, and thus we intend to target carefully within the implementation of correct accountability inside the UN and particularly the UN Peacekeeping Operations. The era of impunity must arrive at an close, which “ticket” feels incredibly strongly about guaranteeing that accountability and integrity turn into not simply phrases on paper, however the DNA from the Organization’s society.

The sphere Personnel Union (FSU) would be the Firm that stands to defend the legal rights of UN Global Civil Servants that perform within the United Nations Field Functions. beneath the Department of Peace Functions along with the Division of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs. For your FSU to maintain relevance and its power to be a powerful defender from the legal rights of personnel, it will need to vary its strategy as well. The FSU will go on to create on becoming a practical spouse to the key stakeholders from the Workers/Administration consultative mechanism.

Constructing on UNFSU comparative rewards and experiences in its mandate of representing the sector Staff, thinking of UN Reform realities and the wider context, our ticket will target;

Empowerment of change brokers;

Engagement with actors of impact in any respect concentrations and fostering;



These priorities are in keeping with the SG’s Motion for Peacekeeping (People, Functionality, Politics, Partnerships).

Those people priorities usually do not swap those of prior UNFSU Government, but alternatively Develop on them, emphasizing the parts of work we identify to become simplest and looking out ahead into an agile 21stCentury. The earlier objectives proceed being Are living goals, topic to constant awareness and refinement.


From our former encounter, we are able to create The very fact, that sustainable transform is not really coming from the top, the Employees and FSU committees will be the constituency which we perceive as mighty influencers of the future of the UN reform. Serving to empower our Workers and FSU Committees to enhance accountability, problem of discipline provider and functionality by justice in any way stages is our central goal.


Engagement signifies total utilization of current Get in touch with points and developing new kinds, and new electronic signifies for conversation with them. To boost the impact of our strategic communications, We're going to raise on the web and standard engagement with our partners and constituency. We're going to keep on to kind new partnerships, that will bring included worth to our function. This requires know-how in utilization and adoption of new electronic platforms, which our ticket possesses. We will even enhance our purpose as UNFSU Government specializing in empowerment and engagement, by giving training to FSU Committees on their own functions in addition to a Code of Carry out, thus aiding the sphere Personnel to protect their legal rights for decent ailments of services and supporting improve makers.


To realize this, there is a have to be extra proactive. Since the saying goes “charity starts in your house” so we intend to begin with our very possess, the FSU Committees. We're going to introduce a “Code of Ethics” for FSU representatives that embodies integrity, real truth and justice, as its core values. It really is these values that should be at the heart of our functions and may inform our techniques and proposals.

We're going to create a sturdy FSU, bonded by our Code of Ethics and values. We're going to work with individuals who definitely have the right motives to symbolize staff members and make a partnership therein we will mobilize persons for bigger agendas and serve as agents of modify. We are going to keep Team Associates accountable and make sure that they carry out their features as they need to.

We are going to professionalize the committees, through dialogue, coaching, accountability and efficiency management. We'll be certain that Personnel Reps are well knowledgeable, well-informed and empowered with the abilities to advocate on behalf of their constituents.

We'll engage our constituents as well as other stakeholders by creating a platform for interaction that should aid this method and provide updated information on key issues facing UN Intercontinental staff members, when also providing them a direct and engaging Discussion board to voice their impression, propose options, and highlight complications, inefficiencies, discrimination, abuses and deficiency of accountability. We'll carry on to hire tactics in direction of improving strong two-way communications involving all stakeholders. We must ensure an inclusive solution the place all stakeholders are consulted and created a part of the choice-producing process.

We are going to fight for our disorders of support to make sure that reform and restructuring would not translate to deformation and destruction of Discipline staff. We are going to hold the Firm accountable for how it treats its most treasured useful resource, that happen to be its human resources. We are going to struggle to produce opportunities for occupation development, improvement in staff members welfare, well being and get the job done environments.

We will interact the mandatory affiliations to strengthen our placement and do the job much more collaboratively with other Unions so as to foster mutually beneficial associations based upon good-faith and have faith in. This much too will form a cornerstone of our approach to personnel illustration.


Mark provides towards the ticket twenty-seven yrs of experience in the field of Information & Communications Technologies. He will harness present day systems that will help the FSU become really digital and use technologies UNFSU Elections to bolster the capabilities on the FSU in parts which include plan investigate and proposal and document reviews. He also brings towards the Union prior expertise as President of the Field Workers Union, when he served in that part from 1999 to 2003 completing two terms in Workplace. This has produced him a skilled negotiator and mediator having undergone lots of trainings on negotiating and mediation competencies and owning experienced prospects to improve People expertise the two within the years as President and in the decades pursuing. He is keen on setting up significant relationships with all stakeholders and intends to push for mutually effective partnerships with entities which will carry worth to the FSU and its constituency.

Leila is often a Accredited Trainer and Facilitator, with fifteen decades of knowledge within the UN, in various capacities. She's committed to making sure the professionalization in the Committees through teaching and creating leaders deserving on the individuals they provide. Packages will probably be made to boost Management expertise and produce recognition in the roles of Committee users in serving their constituents and working with Administration. She will Focus on making sure that education requires are recognized Which coaching necessities are met. By way of this, a framework for FSU Management will probably be established, transcending into a leadership lifestyle improve.

“Liliya has employed her interaction and negotiation skills through the years to create situations conducive to keep proficient and professional workers. These techniques and strengths will be an excellent asset for FSU Government to supervise the UN Reforms’ implementation on the sphere, to represent Employees in numerous fora, and defend Staff members legal rights.”

These UNFSU Executive Elections are but a few of the concerns that have to be resolved because of the FSU Govt System. The ticket “Polane, Manly-Spain and Galieva” begun this journey a long time ago serving in their local committees and want to consider it up at a greater level.

Now, via your vote, give them the System required to convey everything household….

So, vote for FSU Elections transform, vote for superior ailments of assistance, vote for integrity, vote for fact and vote for justice!!

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